Go from Zero to Ninja with our Adult Ninja Warrior Classes!

Who's ready to have some fun and learn how to be a Ninja Warrior in the process? The participants in our Adult Ninja Warrior Classes - that's who!
Our Adult Ninjas can meet  3xs/week for classes geared toward getting adults Ninja Ready. Not everyone can make it through an obstacle course right off the bat, but these classes can get you there!

Monday Night teaches basic ninja technique: learn the techniques needed to get through any obstacle. This class rotates every 7 weeks so ninjas can pick and choose when they want to attend based on their skill set. (See rotating schedule). Tuesday night is dedicated obstacle conditioning: gaining grip strength, learning techniques for different holds and gaining strength to tackle obstacles successfully. Friday night is dedicated to putting it all together in a ninja course run at Adult Ninja Night.  

Taught by top notch instructors that can break things down into manageable pieces for any skill level, these classes are a must have for anyone looking to get involved with Ninja, whether just to have fun or to become the next American Ninja Warrior Champion.

All classes are included in our epic Adult Membership (only $65/mo for BOTH classes and unlimited Open Plays... I know, we can barely believe it either!) or can be purchased individually as a drop-in.
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A girl in the Intermediate Novice class at The Warrior Factory
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