The Warrior Factory™ Syracuse Coach Named the Best Ninja in the World

The Warrior Factory Syracuse Coach Named the Best Ninja in the World

The Warrior Factory Syracuse Sent Eight Competitors to National Ninja World Finals


Syracuse, NY: The Warrior Factory Syracuse (TWFS) sent eight ninjas to the National Ninja League (NNL) World Finals in Lawrence Township, NJ, June 26 - July 3, 2021. Jeremy Warters, a coach at TWFS, won the ultimate title of World Champion for the Adult Male age division.


The competition consists of three stages, with completion of the previous stage necessary to continue in the hunt for the title of World Champion. Stage One was a test of speed, flow and ability to make awkward throws with unique obstacles. A short time limit made the statement: this course was designed for world-class ninjas only. Stage Two tested strength and technical ability with obstacles that required exacting precision. Stage Three was a pure grip gauntlet, testing the grip strength of ninjas with cliffhangers, vertical limits and slick vertical grips in unrelenting succession. 


Jeremy Warters was mentally dialed in for this competition and it showed. He was able to clear Stages One and Two with his signature smooth style and flawless execution. Never looking rushed, he was able to get two buzzers with relative ease. On Stage Three, his impressive strength allowed him to out-gut the competition and make it the furthest to capture the title of World Champion. Jeremy has worked for this truly amazing accomplishment all year long, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate his successes!  


Zoie Whelan, a Christian Brothers Academy 9th grader, missed the podium by less than 2 seconds, placing fourth in an uber-competitive Teen Female division. Zoie showed incredible strength, speed and focus on the course and has solidified her reputation as a top ninja in the nation. Zoie has one more year to compete in Teens before bringing her talents to the Elite Division, where she will undoubtedly continue to dominate. Zoie is a shining example of the future of ninja.


Anella Bolster, a Marcellus Senior High 11th grader, finished fifth in the Young Adult Female division. Vying for a podium spot and missing it by 4 seconds, Anella will continue working hard and adding more skills to her arsenal. 


Rachel Cornish, a rookie, placed 10th in the Adult Female division. This bodes very well for the season to come as she builds strength and technique at TWFS with regularity. Her early success has made her eager for more, and she has the physicality and mental toughness to pull it off.


Dani Duke, a Gillette Road Middle School 7th grader in the Cicero-North Syracuse School District, had a solid run in the Preteen Female division. She got caught up on obstacle four, along with the majority of competitors, with a time that kept her out of the running for a podium spot. A gifted ninja, Dani can’t wait to give it another go next season.


Rounding out the competitors are Chrissy Carpenter (Adult Female), Quinn Nguyen (Adult Male) and Kevin Bolster (Masters Male) that all had an incredible experience but fell short of their potential. Ninja is a sport that taxes you mentally and physically, and falling on obstacles you can complete nine times out of ten is just part of the sport. Recovering and pushing, growing, and getting better is a necessary ingredient to becoming a World Champion ninja.


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About The Warrior Factory: The Warrior Factory™ is a Ninja Warrior Training and Practice facility located in Camillus, NY. The Warrior Factory offers a safe and challenging environment for all ages and skill levels to test the popular obstacles as seen on TV’s American Ninja Warrior. The Warrior Factory™ offers level-based curriculum classes, competitions and more.

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