Drop-In Novice and Advanced Classes at The Warrior Factory Syracuse

We are offering a rare month of Ninja Warrior drop-in classes at The Warrior Factory Syracuse! We are offering Novice and Advanced classes to allow for ninjas of all levels to keep their skills and strength sharp before the start of our next curriculum session! Spots are limited! Don't miss out!

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Novice Classes: Classes offered every Monday and Wednesday June 2 - June 23 from 5:30-6:30pm. These classes will cover material similar to what you might learn in our Novice Curriculum but with the flexibility to adjust based on class participants and facility setup. NOTE: This is not part of an 8-week session and NO TESTING will occur as a result of these classes. Suitable for brand new ninjas ages 6+, as well as current students with their white or orange bands.

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Advanced Ninja Jam: Classes offered every Thursday June 3 - June 24 from 5:45-6:45pm. A unique opportunity for our more advanced students (Green Band+) to get training, instruction and practice outside of our curriculum program. These classes will not follow the regimented structure of our curriculum but will rather focus on skills and techniques our trainers would like to emphasize and reinforce. Guaranteed to be a blast, these sessions will allow younger ninjas to get a feel for how adult ninjas train while still having our certified trainers there every step of the way to guide and teach.

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