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Over the course of phased reopening we have gotten some questions from the public regarding why we can be open while other "fitness facilities" are required to remain closed. This document helps the general public understand what we are, what we do and how we do it. We have worked with the County Executives office to ensure we are operating within the intent and letter of the law. We take the health of our customers, staff and community very seriously and are doing everything we can to keep people safe while furthering the sport of ninja. 

First and foremost we are NOT a gym. We do not have the same operating model as a gym nor do we offer any sort of fitness classes. We have no fitness equipment and 98% of our customers are kids from 6-12.

By contrast we are a "Lower-Risk Sports Recreation Facility" as defined by the Reopening New York Sports and Recreation Guidelines
This guidance is effective immediately for the statewide permitted outdoor, low-risk recreational activities, as determined by the Empire State Development Corporation.
We are a facility in which we teach the sport of ninja, have a competitive team and engage in practices and classes. In following the guidance presented by the state and in following stringent procedures to stop the spread in our facility we are able to be open in our limited capacity while falling squarely within the current guidelines and legislation.
Here is what we are currently offering as Lower-Risk Sports Recreational facility that is specified as allowed in the NYS guidance referenced above:
  • Individual and group activities at less than 25% of our allowable capacity.
  • Organized low/no-contact group training, camps and clinics. .
  • Competitive team practices: we have restructured our practices/classes to continue training our competitive ninjas with no class size exceeding 16 participants.
  • Games, matches and scrimmages: we are allowing one time slot for competitive course runs, the ninja equivalent of a scrimmage. This time slot has a limited number of allowed participants and requires pre-registration.
In regards the requirements for Physical Distancing outlined in the above document we have taken the following precautions:
  • We have limited our capacity to 33%, even more aggressive than the 50% required by the state to instill confidence and comfort to our customers.
  • Participant drop-offs are encouraged and participants are limited to one non-participant to accompany them into the facility.
  • Face masks are required in the facility, all staff is masked 100% of the time. Participants may choose to remove their mask while engaging in physical activity if they are unable to tolerate such a covering.
  • Tape has been applied to flooring and chairs have been removed and arranged to ensure 6' of distance between all patrons.
  • Ample signage is applied at multiple locations throughout the facility reminding patrons that masks are required and to maintain social distancing. Our main TV also has COVID reminders scrolling at all times.
In regards the requirements for Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfection outlined in the above document we have taken the following precautions:
  • We have purchased and placed 2 mobile hand washing stations that are available at the front of the facility. 
  • We have invested in the bulk purchase of hand sanitizer and have many units available to guests throughout the facility.
  • We have invested in the bulk purchase of hospital grade cleaner that is meant for hard surfaces and have been classified as effective in killing COVID.
  • We have spaced out our programming to allow for ample time to wipe down all touch-points and obstacles with hospital grade cleaner between concurrent sessions. 
  • We have enhanced our cleaning protocols at the end of each day to ensure the facility receives unparalleled disinfection.
  • Employees are screened per shift for temperature and symptoms.
  • All patrons entering the facility are stopped for a temperature check and hand sanitation before being allowed to continue into the facility.
  • All programming requires pre-registration and check-in so we know exactly who was in our facility at what times for contract tracing should that become necessary.
In summary, we are NOT a gym. We are a facility that teaches the sport of ninja and takes the state regulations very seriously. We are complying with all regulations that apply to our particular facility and are a member of the National Ninja League, the largest league for competitive ninja in the country. We have classes to teach our competitive ninjas and a team of elite athletes that use our facilities and coaches to practice their sport in order to achieve greater success in the sport. We also offer private parties, not to exceed 20 people in following NYS regulations, in our facility on the weekends. All must be pre-registered and in all programming we follow the guidelines outlined above. We are a new facility, just having opened in December of 2019, so it is understandable that some in the community may not be familiar with what we do or how we do it. We are not a fitness facility, we do not offer cross-fit or boot-camp classes, we offer the sport of ninja and that is it.
I personally take the risk of COVID very seriously. My father passed on 7/30 from COVID. I understand the risks and my responsibility as the owner of The Warrior Factory Syracuse to make sure we follow the letter of the law and do everything we can to stop the spread.  I can assure you that we are not trying to game the system or operate in defiance of the law. 
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