TWF Syracuse Competition Squad FAQ

The Warrior Factory Syracuse Competition Squad FAQ

Q. What does it mean to be on the Competition Squad?
A. Being on the Competition Squad means you are ready to dedicate time and energy to the sport of ninja and compete in NNL competitions. It means our coaches think you are either full of potential or have already realized at least some of that potential and are ready to compete against other ninjas your age. It also means they feel you have the maturity and attitude necessary to represent our facility which is just, if not more, important than your physical performance on the course. Being on the Competition Squad means our coaches and staff will work as hard as we can to teach you the skills, tips and techniques necessary to allow you every success at competitions and assist in your quest to become the best ninja possible.

Q. How do I get on the Competition Squad?
A. Athletes ages 6-10 and are a GREEN Band or above in our curriculum system are eligible to join the Competition Squad. Athletes ages 11+ and are a BLUE Band or above in our curriculum system are eligible to join the Competition Squad.
Q.How often are practices?
A. In general and during a "normal" (not COVID) season practices for the Competition Squad will be held twice a week starting in July and going through the entire season ending mid February. These practices will be on Tues/Thurs to give ample rest between competition days which are generally Saturday or Sunday. Check our online schedule for the the most up to date practice information. Although practices are twice a week you will likely find your ninja will want extra time in the gym to practice skills and techniques being taught each week.

Q. Will my ninja compete every weekend?
A. Only if you want them to! Your ninja can pick and choose when to compete based on their schedule. When the NNL schedule is released we will select 3 competitions that our coaches will be guaranteed to be at. These comps will be close in proximity (ie - Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo) and hopefully allow most of the squad to make it. Any ninjas may attend any and all comps as they prefer regardless of if our coaches will be there.

*Our coaches may be available for other comps based how the season progresses and their own competition schedules. 

Q. What about the Band Based Curriculum?
A. The Competition Squad would take the place of the 1hr/wk band based curriculum class. However, at the end of each session if your ninja would like to test into a new band level because they are picking up new skills like mad, we can arrange that. Many ninjas take great pride in achieving a  new band color and that sense of measurable accomplishment is still available via the Comp Squad.

Q. What is the NNL?
A. The National Ninja League (NNL) is an organization run by a collection of the nation's top Ninjas. The goal of the NNL is to promote the sport of Ninja obstacle course racing across the country. They are providing the infrastructure, organization and guidelines for top level facilities to allow for all ages to become involved in the rapidly growing sport of Ninja! The NNL has 6 age divisions ranging from 6 to 40+. Each age division runs a course designed for their size and skill. All participants run the course in their designated age brackets and the top 3 male and female winners advance to the NNL National Finals*. In addition to qualifying for Nationals, the top 3 finishers generally win some pretty cool prizes.

Different gyms across the country host NNL events every weekend to allow athletes a chance to test their mettle against the course and their peers. The Warrior Factory Syracuse will host at least one NNL sanctioned competition every season.  The courses will test the ninjas strength, agility, balance and technique on a multitude of innovative and exciting obstacles, strung together to make for one the most fun, most memorable athletic experiences around.

*NNL Season 7 (2021-2022) dates have not been announced and may have altered regionals/finals due to COVID-19.

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