Local Kids Compete On 'American Ninja Warrior Junior'

If you think your workouts are tough, you have no idea. Some local kids have a killer routine that's putting them in the national spotlight.

Out of thousands of kids in the country, three local kids were selected compete on "American Ninja Warrior Junior."

The kids say it's their challenging workout at Warrior Factory in Rochester that got them ready to compete. It takes strength, speed, and determination, and Julius Evans, Aidan Wood, and Autumn Mathisen have it all.

"I like challenges," 10-year-old Julius Evans says.

Evans enjoys working out and says the show was perfect for him.

"To do it, you need to be very athletic, strong, and be able to do let's say...like pull-ups," Evans says.

But, it takes more than that. When looking at their exercises, you can see upper body strength is key.

Fourteen-year-old Aidan Wood from Rochester has competed across the country but he says filming the show in Los Angeles was different.

"It was a head-to-head competition where we had to race each other and got to do different obstacles full scale like on the adult show," Wood says.

Wood went from watching the show to being on the show.

"It was really surreal being on the obstacle course with all the lights and the people," he says.

Evans, Wood, and 12-year-old Autumn Mathisen from Byron raced against someone from their age group to see who could finish the obstacle course the fastest.

"I was nervous getting on," Mathisen says. "But once I got going on the course, I was fine."

The challenges include the sonic swing, tic-toc, the I-Beam, floating tiles, the spin cycle, and to finish, the kids climb a 13-foot warped wall to slam a buzzer.

Mathisen says her training in other sports helped her become comfortable enough to compete.

"I'm a gymnast and it helps with my endurance," she says. "So it was pretty easy for me to conquer the wall."

So how did our local kids do?

You'll have to watch the show to find out. Mathisen's show will air on Universal Kids on Nov. 3. Evans and Wood don't know their air dates yet.

Source: https://www.whec.com/news/local-kids-compete-on-american-ninja-warrior-junior/5112956/

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