American Ninja Warrior 10

American Ninja Warrior 10 is the tenth season of American Ninja Warrior, and the third season after Geoff Britten and Isaac Caldiero's total victories. The season was premiered on May 30th, 2018, and hosted six cities for qualifying rounds in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Minneapolis (new city), with the national finals being held in Las Vegas. Among the 6 qualifying cities for this season, Dallas and Miami returned for the first time since American Ninja Warrior 6, while Indianapolis and Philadelphia returned since American Ninja Warrior 8. For this season, Matt Iseman returned as the host for his ninth season, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila returned as the co-host for his sixth season, and Kristine Leahy returned as the sideline reporter for her fourth season. Episodes aired at NBC on Wednesday night, but changed to Monday night (starting on June 18th, 2018).

On this season, the producers had changed the lower-age limit for the competitors to be eligible to compete. Instead of 21 years old from the past nine American Ninja Warrior seasons, competitors must now be at least 19 years old to be eligible to compete. Also, at the end of the season, if no competitor achieved total victory, the competitor who made the furthest than any other competitor (also known as the Last Man Standing) would receive the cash prize of US$100,000.

In addition, the rules for female competitors from the previous season returned, with the top five female competitors from each city qualifiers would move on to city finals. Then, the top two female competitors from each city finals would move on to Las Vegas national finals. Because of these two rules, there would be no wildcards to be rewarded.

Also, with the announcement of the American Ninja Warrior: Obstacle Design Challenge from the previous season, in which fans created an obstacle that would be modified and used in one of the city qualifying courses and Las Vegas national finals. There would be brand new obstacles submitted from the fans, and would be used on this season.

For the first time in the show, the competitors' name were shown at the backdrop of the course, just before they ran the course (similar as the one used in the First Stage from SASUKE 31 onward).

For the first time ever during city finals round on this season, one obstacle in each city qualifiers course was swapped out for another obstacle of the same kind or position (Dallas and Philadelphia: Tuning Forks and Broken Bridge, Miami and Indianapolis: Fly Wheels and Cannonball Drop) The only exception to this was in Los Angeles and Minneapolis, where the Sky Hooks from Los Angeles qualifiers was transferred to Minneapolis finals, but the Ring Jump from Minneapolis qualifiers was not transferred to Los Angeles finals, as the Flying Shelf Grab took its place.


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