American Ninja Warrior Reporter: Harper Kuehne
Have you ever seen the show, American Ninja Warrior? Well, there's a ninja right in your school! Her name is Josslyn Seimbor. She has been competed in American Ninja Warrior for kids. She is more famously knows as "The Pigtail Ninja!" Read this interview to find out more!

HK: How did you become a ninja warrior in the first place?
JS: Well, I always used to climb everything everywhere. After seeing me climb my parents brought me to the Warrior Factory for my birthday. The people there said I was really good and want me to start doing the competitions.

HK: How long have you been a Ninja?
JS: I have been a Ninja Warrior for about two years, starting in September after my birthday.

HK: When was your last competition and what are they like?
JS: My last competition was the Michigan competition called The Edge. It is kind of like a gymnastics competition. There are a lot of obstacles. The staff tell you the rules, and they are very strict. After the rules we warm up. After that you wait for your turn to do the course. The more time you have left, the higher you score!

HK: What does being a Ninja Warrior mean?
JS: Being a Ninja Warrior means being strong and confident in yourself. And be a good sport! It kind of teaches you friendship and kindness.

HK: What make you want to become a Ninja?
JS: I have always liked climbing since I was about 4 years old. I also like watching the show. These are some of the factors that led me to become a Warrior

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